The Soulroots Method


I help people to shine. I connect them to their inner strength, so that they feel their self-worth and their right to claim their own space, so that they act and talk with confidence.

The core topic which is in the center of my work is self-empowerment through reconnecting to ones own innate source of power, as well as the connection to Nature. When I work with you, with time you will start to shine and confidently act and say, what you really stand for. You claim your space and feel a zest of life and and a joy about the encounters you have.

In the course of my professional years I participated in several trainings. The three approaches which have influenced me the most are psychodynamic, emotional- and body oriented Psychotherapy, Imago-couple-therapy and soulwork. These and other approaches have merged to one harmonious whole.

The variety of methods from which I can choose meets the different moods and necessities to approach a topic. This way it’s possible for you to dedicate your self-development through different levels – and this, if you wish, with me as a continuous confident.

My way of accompanying is always very personal and leads with time to an opening of the heart.

The different levels

I work with all kinds of methods, because I find it makes sense to give you the possibility to develop the various aspects of your personality, deepen the connection to your soul and develop your soul. I want to enrich the physical and the emotional level and the level of the mind inside of you, as well as support you to develop your intuitive side and to connect to your innermost essence.

integrative Therapie – Persönlichkeitsentwicklung


Speak to multiple levels

My experience tells me, that processes of change have the most lasting effect, when several levels are involved. Furthermore I found that a mix of intermittent, intensive impulses, which shake up the system in a short period of time, and a continuous, steady staying on the ball, also contributes very much to a lasting change.

Inner processes have its own timing. That which grows wants to have its time to ripen.

Selbsterfahrung – Persönlichkeitsentwicklung – Veränderungsprozess


Space to be.

No matter which level of access you choose, its always about coming back to your authenticity and the courage to express it. The atmosphere of a non-competitive and non-judgmental space, which reigns in my offerings, leads to you feeling welcome. When you come to terms with yourself, get capable to stand up for yourself and to accept yourself as you are and to expect another, inside of yourself develops a feeling of dignity and you walk upright in the world.

Imprinting – Heilung – Raum zu sein


As soon as you really engage yourself and are involved with all your senses, as well as being open to take steps into something new, you will discover, that there are connections between the different levels and that they influence each other.

For example, when you treat your body more mindful and experience there a slowing down or more stability, it will change sooner or later change your approach towards life and you will act differently.

When you get to the source of your emotional reactions, you will development more serenity and understanding and you get more tolerant and find more clarity, be more settled in yourself and walk more joyful through life. This will also effect your communication and the way you act.

Imprinting – Heilung – Gegenseitigkeit


Everything is interconnected and leads in the end back to your innermost core, in which reigns stillness, peace, but also liveliness and the joy of creating. Out of this core you are capable of meeting people in a way which encourages them to also show themselves from their innermost.

Furthermore this reconnection with your innermost core supports all aspects of yourself, your emotional, physical-material, mind, intuitive, spiritual and sexual level. It a source of power which is inside of you, from which you can draw.

It’s very important to me, that that which you take along from our work, is a support in your everyday life and that you find concrete answers. Its supposed to have a lasting effect and be transferable to that which you do in everyday life.

Selbsterfahrung – Heilung – Wesenskern


Combination of methods

The connection of the individual levels doesn’t only reflect itself in my various methodological approaches, but, with time, you will also recognize them within each individual offering.

Some of my methodological approaches stand for themselves, others are deliberately combines with one-another by me. And lots influences one-another.

Integrativer Therapie Ansatz


integrative Therapie – Gruppentherapie

The groups offered by me are mainly theme-focused and less often method-focused. I draw mainly from the following methods: soulwork, Nature rituals, Butoh, Imago-couple-therapy, Tipi/EMRES-Coaching and emotional- and bodywork. Also Yoga get’s sometimes integrated into the group process. Depending on the desires of the participants.

integrative Therapie – Intensivtherapie und Paartherapie

In the individual and couple intensives I offer I use the same methods, as in the group offerings. If there’s a focus for example on the emotional- and bodywork, Imago-couple-work or the soulwork, is decided by the person that gets accompanied by me or evolves through the work we do together. The other methods, especially the Butoh, get usually integrated more in the intensives, than in the individual- or couple sessions. Communication work is an integrative part of my offerings and also the Nature rituals enter every day in the intensivs. For further details about the single methods, please have a look at the pages, in which I describe the methods one by one.

The theme we focus on in the work evolves from the request that the person or the couple has.