Mareia Claudia Lange

Mareia Claudia Lange Psychologist, healing practitioner for psychotherapy


I have a dream to live in a society, in which people enjoy their life. In which everyone is empowered and nourished right from the start. In which people are encouraged to develop and live their unique gifts. In which peoples needs are taken serious. In which people treat each other with mutual respect and appreciation. In which people feel safe to show their vulnerability and in which they genuinely support each other.

I feel the need to help to grow this society of present, conscious, authentic, empathic people who love life. I’m convinced that it’s only possible to develop such a society, if the individual itself is in peace with him- or herself. That’s why I offer a safe, nourishing, experiential and appreciative space, in which people can explore their connection to themselves and others, with the aim to live fulfilling relationships and in general a fulfilling life.

In the first years of my life, up till my late teenage years I experienced many separations of significant close relatives and friends and countless moments and times in which I didn’t feel welcome as I am by the people I was surrounded by. I often had the feeling to be different and to be too much, with my needs, with my curiosity, with my amount of energy. My story has a huge influence to the fact that’s it’s so important for me, that people feel accepted and welcome as they are. From an early age on, I was interested to find out why people turned out to be as they are. Why they think, feel and act the way they do. Why they belief what they belief. I was interested in finding out what it needs that relationships lasts and that all people involved are happy. Other than that I always loved it to express myself physically and to explore the world tactile. That’s why I do what I do in the way I do it. I love my work and I’m grateful for the life I live and for the people I share it with. Again and again it makes me happy when the effect of my work or my being in private encounters supports or encourages someone to follow that which leads him or her to being happy about his or her own being and life.

My concern in my work of supporting people is, that people discover their own possibility and way to listen to oneself and express themselves in their own unique way and unfold this. It always matters to me a lot that the person I accompany through my offering, unfolds him- or herself more and more in a mindful, heart- and respectful way. The accompanied person should be able to integrate the experience into everyday life. Self-healing powers are activated and self-responsibility promoted.

Practicality and sustainability is essential to me. My offers are characterized by depth, clarity and a zest for life. With me you can feel lifted, immerse yourself in confidence and at the same time experience lightness. I accompany you competently, respectfully, lovingly, joyfully and unconventionally. This shows, for example, in my mix of methods. And it shows also very much through the fact that a session with me usually takes up to 2 1/2 hours.I take time for the people who come to me.

One of my talents is to get to the essence and lead people to find their own essence and dare to live it more and more. This essence is the soul for me. To really live your own authenticity in everyday life means to let the soul grow roots.

This is why I understand my work as being religious as it’s core, in the original sense of the word. Religo=re-connection, to connect again with something or also religio=collect again. In its effect, it is political, because who takes care of himself with all his sides, will accept others as they are.
Experiencing it through ones own body, how strongly the influences from the earliest time work, brings awareness to action. This, in turn, will lead to the active alteration of existing social and interpersonal conditions, both for current and subsequent generations.

In my opinion, my work is a contribution to peace work, a contribution to more tolerance, understanding, compassion, respect, and authentic, attentive and dignified encounters.


born in Berlin, Germany
since 1999
diploma in psychology (University studies at the Freien Universität Berlin)
since 2000
healing practitioner for psychotherapy
1997–99 / 2002/03
training in Biosynthesis (somatic and depth psychology oriented bodypsychotherapy) with David Boadella, Silvia Specht-Boadella and Andreas Wehowsky
continuing education in resource oriented bodypsychotherapeutic work for parents and their babies and toddlers with Paula Diederichs, as well as in Emotional First Aid for parents and their babies/toddlers with Thomas Harms
frequent cooperation with Willi Maurer (emotional- and bodywork)
training leader, together with Willi Maurer, in emotional- and bodywork according to Willi Maurer and Mareia Claudia Lange
courses and continuous education in a variety of energetical and bodywork methods
year groups in shamanic work and the philosophy according to the philosophy of the tradition of the Twisted Hairs
conducting sweat lodges– apprentice group under the supervision of Gabriella Bugari
Yoga-teachers-trainig, 200-hours-Anusara Yoga-Teachers Training with Lalleshvari and Vilas Turske
continious training in orthopaedic Yoga-therapy with Lilla Wuttich
continuous training in several solution oriented/systemic therapy approaches et al with Manfred Prior
training in in Imago couple-therapy – currently Imago couple therapist in the certification process
continuous education models in the Tipi-Method („Technique d’identification sensorielle des peurs inconscientes“ – technique for identifying unconscious fears at the body level)


Since 1998 I accompany people in their developmental steps – be it during their times of crisis or their search for their self and core essence. From all the different courses and trainings I have participated in, as well as the experiences I have made in everyday life and work, my own work has grown. Because of that, no method is offered in its pure form by me. I choose and combine according to the situation, change or create in the moment.

My psychological-therapeutic experience as well as my soul journeys are my most important base, which is also reflected in the other methods which I like to integrate into the therapeutic work. The indian-shamanic philosophy, that I was taught, has become so fleshed out to me that it is part of my attitude towards life. In my yoga education, I realized that some of the Indian-shamanic philosophy and the tantric-yogic philosophy , which I received there, overlaps. For a while I researched and experimented with the Flower of Life, Sacred Geometry and the 9 Dimensions (after Barbara Hand Claw). The activation of the MerKaBa (the light body), as well as the daily meditations and inner journeys into various dimensions and realities of our universe and the meditation practiced for many years, in which I go into my soul landscape and connect to my power animals and guides, as well as my deep connection to Nature in general and trees in particular, have a strong impact on my life and have caused a huge change in me over the years. These practices shape my way of dealing with people, they are my personal background. Of course, I respect the beliefs of every single person who comes to me. Nevertheless you should now, that if I accompany you, inner journeys and connection with Nature will be an essential part of the work.

In my way of thinking and dealing with a variety of cosmologies and theories, it is clear that I have undergone a Western rational training. I really appreciate deducing findings and explanations directly from my practical experience . However, I am also very pleased when these personal conclusions are supported by scientific research.

wie bin ich da

I have diverse roles in my work.
Many times I am a kind of midwife, helping to bring to light previously repressed or undiscovered sites. I am also an impulse-receiver and -giver as I follow what comes from the person who visits me and then give suggestions that lead in the direction that was desired as a goal. It is an eternal eavesdropping and succession and sometimes seems almost like a dance.

I am not the sole person in charge of the process , but the accompanied person determines the direction and the content on his / her own responsibility. We are both actively involved. That’s why I do not understand myself as a therapist, but as a companion . I pick up the person at which he or she find themselves, and go with her on a journey of discovery that is not always clear at the beginning where it’ll lead to. Although I follow a common thread, the focus is given by the accompanied person. So I’m staying an ‘equal’ , which may have a clearer idea or overview in some things, but the pace and direction is determined by the person who comes to me.

I give room to be. I present myself as a human counterpart and sometimes I share my own experiences. I am also an eternally curious researcher, because I love to penetrate into the human depths in various ways. I am always deeply touched to hear the stories of the people who entrust them to me and through the joint work to get insight into the ways of life that people have taken and made them the person they are.

I assume that every action is the result of one’s own life experiences. Because of this I encounter every person as a human being and perceive my counterpart as a person as a whole and not as a person with a specific diagnosis or a particular cultural or religious grouping. I ask a little about the history, but I am mainly concerned with current concerns of the person, at the moment we meet.

Pivotal for the collaborate work is the own, serious motivation to want to change from the person who comes to me. I believe that in every human there are dormant abilities that can come out when circumstances are conducive and the person in charge, in this case, I believes in the person which is accompanied and their abilities. However, it requires the self-responsible engagement of the accompanied person. My faith alone will not move mountains. It just works if we are a team and that is rooted in voluntariness in my work.