Wovor hast du Angst?

Hast du liegengebliebene Projekte? Schweigst du, weil du keine Lust hast auf die Reaktion der anderen Person? Fängst du Streit an, weil jemand etwas gesagt oder getan hat?

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    Desire of

  • connectedness


Together we start a journey of the exploration of yourself, in a way which is most appropriate to you and your current life situation. You decide what you want to explore and choose, if it’s supposed to be playful, confrontational, contemplative, with consideration or creative. According to how continuously and deep you are willing to get involved, you experience a more conscious awareness of yourself and your automatisms, explore your inner worlds or even reach deep down into your core or your soul.



Tracking what lead to the development of your movement-, action- and thought-patterns or your emotions, allows you to take care of old relicts and therefor change your habitual patterns.

This way you unfold and strengthen sides of you which you might already know or which are new to you. You embrace yourself more and more with all your facets and have the courage to live them. You live ever freer your life, as it corresponds to you.



With time, you get ever more aware of yourself, find your appropriate rhythm, get a feeling for your true desires and necessities and follow all of this. You trust your own answers and discover a fulfilling exchange with yourself and others. You realize, that you feel nurtured and connected and have ever more zest for life.

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