Like a Phoenix Rising from the Ashes

Offerings for couples

a bird made up of purple light rises in the stary night sky.

Like a Phoenix Rising from the Ashes


Complete and submit this form (below) to request your «Like a Phoenix Rising from the Ashes» Session with Mareia Claudia Lange, the relationship refresher and stylish tree hugger.

These exploration sessions are not for current clients. These sessions are for people who have an interest in love-relationship improvement, through the help of a couple therapist/coach. If you have no interest in couple therapy/coaching, please save us both some time and skip this form.

However, if you have an interest in improving your love-relationship, please answer the following questions.

This is not a test – Have fun! Your answers will help us to hit the ground running and create the most value possible from our exploration session.

Each one of you please fills out a separate form.

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