Offerings for couples


Offerings for couples.

Apply for a 'Magical Partnership Exploration Session'. Please contact me.

  • Bild phönix

    Magical crisis transformation - from despair to reconnection.

    Like a Phoenix Rising from the Ashes

    For couples who really want to get happy with each other again after a crisis and are willing to invest time and energy and (are willing to) dig deep.

    16 sessions, personally or via Zoom (online)

  • Bild phönix

    From reconnection to fulfillment. 

    Playful Couple-Vision Creation

    For couples that want to create and manifest their relationship vision.

    10 sessions - personally or via Zoom (online).

  • Bild phönix

    Transforming the Past, Creating, Liberating the Future

    Liberation of old relationship-patterns.

    For couples who want to understand and change their behavioural and reaction patterns, because these lead in their partnership to separation rather than to getting closer to each other.

    6 continuous days or 12 separate sessions - personally.

  • Bild phönix

    Understanding each other.

    Appreciative Communication

    For couples who want to get to know the verbal and nonverbal language of the other better, to be able to understand what the other wants to express and for couples who want to develop a shared language.

    12 sessions – personally or via Zoom (online)

  • Bild phönix

    From daily grind to daily pep.

    Light Love Every Day

    For experiential-friendly couples which feel deeply connected and wish to get more lightness and fun back into their relationship.